Are you looking after your bat? Here are some tips on racket care.

Good racket care will prolong the life of your bat and keep your game sharp. When you first apply a new set of rubbers to your bat you can feel the difference right away. If you have applied a grippy sheet of rubber or one with an inverted sponge, you will certainly notice the way your bat grips the ball and plays with greater spin.
There is no getting away from it, if you play regularly one of your biggest expenditures is going to be replacing rubbers so taking care of them will help prolong the quality of the surface and make them last longer.
Many players we find though do not clean their rubber, and thus allow dust and grime to build up, which in time will make the surface lose grip, spin and consistency.
You can use water or wipes to clean the surface but it is better to use a proper rubber cleaner which will improve the surfaces grip. Stiga have developed a hand spray that returns the natural tackiness to the surface of the rubber while cleaning. Stiga spray is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free and will keep your bat in top condition for top performance.
It is important to clean your blade thoroughly before applying your new rubbers. Stiga Surfazer is designed for this. We also have a range of great glues to ensure smooth application and firm grip.
Finally it is important that you keep your racket covered when you are not using it. Having a decent racket case is important that protects your bat. Your case should hug the bat with an inner layer of sponge that stops the surface getting scratched. Leaving your racket out will make the surface deteriorate quicker. We would also recommend not leaving your bat in the car overnight on a cold day as you may find the rubber will be harder until it warms up, which can take a long time.
Stiga’s new Hexagon range of bat cases are some of the best in the market. They are produced with a durable 600 D nylon fabric and have inner lining and good quality zips.
We have a range of products that will help with your racket care. If you need any help or advice on products then please feel free to call us on 0161 761 6608.
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