Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker

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Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker

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The Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker Set lets you create colourful sprinkle artwork in a fun new way! Simply create artwork on a sheet of paper using glue and place it into the unit. Insert a sprinkle tube into the chamber, close the lid, and shake until your design is covered in colourful sprinkles! The closed unit helps to contain the mess, and the excess sprinkles can easily be collected back into the sprinkle tube so they can be re-used.

The Sprinkle Art Shaker is a portable art set that allows kids to decorate line art or blank paper, without sprinkles flying everywhere. It’s a less mess, no waste solution for easy sprinkle artwork.

  • Contents: A sprinkle art shaker, 5 bottles of non-edible sprinkles, 12 project sheets, 6 glue tubes and an instruction sheet
  • Everyone loves sprinkles, and now they’re easier than ever to use for fun, creative artwork
  • Outline with glue
  • Shake to decorate
  • Sprinkles stay inside case
  • A a less mess, no waste solution for easy sprinkle artwork
  • Portable art set so you can take the sprinkle fun with you wherever you go

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