Table Tennis Rubber: Dr Neubauer Tornado


Shortpimpled with very good spin and speed characteristics.

Relatively short, very broad and relatively dense placed pimples.

Deeply ribbed pimple surface.

Very soft white sponge.

For blocking, counter-attacking and topspin.

The forehand rubber of Herbert Neubauer when he was World Champion in Men over 60 in Japan in June 2004.

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Table Tennis Rubber: Dr Neubauer Tornado

Tornado for enormous spin and speed.

Very dynamic rubber for blocking and hitting as well as counter-attacking and topspin.

Wobbling balls for your opponents and an excellent control.

This innovation is a milestone for short pimple rubbers.

With Dr Neubauer TORNADO ULTRA you will reach new dimensions of rotation with short pimples.

It produces enormous spin and tremendous speed, while having a disturbing effect for your opponent. Control is excellent at the same time.

This short pimple rubber is an outstanding weapon for blocking and counter-attacking as well as killing and topspin.

Colours: Red Black
Sponge: Ox – 1.0 – 1.5 – 2.0mm
Speed: 100
Control: 72
Effect: 86


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