Games Hub Murder Mystery on the Express


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Games Hub Murder Mystery on the Express

Classic who done the crime game for up to 13 players.

Host your own murder mystery night! Invite your friends, dress up, throw a party, set the scene and get in to character.

This box contains all you’ll  ever need for a night of adventure, fun and detective work.

It’s the 1920’s and Vienna & Venice Express has ground to a halt just after setting off in Austria. Lady Looselips has been found murdered before hosting the 5 million dollar raffle on board the trains VIP carriage.

You must all play your roles in bringing the murderer to justice. Set in the 1920’s th8is hilarious murder mystery game will provide you with a night you won’t forget.


  • 1 x train floor plan
  • 1 x police crime file
  • 1x detective notebook
  • 12 x round 1 clue cards
  • 3 x name sheets
  • 3 x card trophy sheets
  • 6 x round 2 clue cards
  • 6 x round 3 clue cards
  • 12 x trait cards
  • 12 x challenge cards
  • 12 x character cards
  • 2 x printed black envelopes
  • 2 x facts of the matter cards
  • 1 x accusation pad
  • 4 x murder weapon sheets
  • instruction booklet



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