Polly Pocket Dance Par-Taay Case


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Item Description:

    • Polly pocket hidden places dance par-taay case is caboodle-shaped and opens to reveal a larger dance-themed polly world
    • to take on-the-go for movin and groovin play anytime
    • Includes Polly and Lila dolls and case opens to reveal: upstairs DJ booth; stairs to dressing room area; and performance stage with disco ball
    • There’s also secret reveals: spin the chocolate fountain and the dance floor spins (dolls stick to the dance floor); twist the disco ball and turntables on the DJ booth spin; dressing room curtain slides; seating swings out from under the VIP stage; and a table turns into a dessert counter
    • A limo (included) gets the girls to the dance party on time
    • ​Accessories include camera with tripod, chair, microphone and guitar that slips over doll’s shoulder to start strumming
    • ​It’s the best Dance Par-taay ever ​


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