Sylvanian Families – Pony’s Hair Stylist Set

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Sylvanian Families – Pony’s  Hair Stylist Set

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Sylvanian Families – Pony’s Hair Stylist Set

Product Description

・The Pony’s Hair Stylist Set features a cart, hair accessories, and Manely Pony mother Serafina, the silky-haired hairdresser.
・Create different hair styles with the included hair accessories.
・The bottles and other haircare tools can be stored on the cart.
・The scissors and comb can be kept in the hairdresser’s pocket. The back mirror, hairdryer, hair straighteners, and bowl can all be held by the figures.

Combine with the Pony’s Stylish Hair Salon (sold separately) for even more fun with hair and makeup!

Box Contents

Manely Pony mother, Cart, Tray, Bottle Holder, Back Mirror, Hairdryer, Hair Straighteners, Comb, Scissors, Bowl, Brush, Tube, Applicator, Hairspray, Spray, Hair Clip x2, Alice Band


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