Table Tennis Bat: Gewo Balsa Carbon 575 Blade + with 2 sheets of Nexxus EL Pro 45 Rubbers



Table Tennis Bat: Gewo Balsa Carbon 575 Blade + with 2 sheets of Nexxus EL Pro 45 Rubbers

Classical Blade & Rubber Combination from Gewo

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Table Tennis Blade: Gewo Balsa Carbon 575 Blade  FL, AN, ST

The GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is a well-designed, balanced offensive minus wood. Optimally suited for spin-friendly, direct attack game close to the table. The large hit zone (sweet spot) forgives balls that are not hit optimally during fast topspin. The GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is for players who prefer the powerful, precise all-round / offensive game. The 5.75 mm thick, vertically cut balsa middle layer gives all offensive strokes enough speed and pressure without losing control. Precise and well-placed offensive strokes, fast topspin-topspin rallies and all more passive strokes are no problem with the GEWO Balsa Carbon 575. The soft balsa with the high quality 1K carbon make the wood an absolute “ feel good wood ”: For everyone
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  • Speed: 94
  • Control: 90
  • Suitability: Offensive
  • Weight (g): 75
  • Veneers: 3 + 2

Table Tennis Rubber: Nexxus EL Pro 43

The GEWO Nexxus EL Pro 43 provides the optimum synthesis of highest surface grip (DGC40 + 2.0) and the necessary power for the modern spin-offensive game. It is the tempo-elastic center of the GEWO Nexxus EL Pro series and shows its strengths, especially in the varied, spin-offensive game.
Player Type / Properties:
, High flight curve, significantly lower error rate in border areas and with its 43 ° medium hard spin-offensively oriented EL sponge a true all-rounder in the Nexxus Pro series.
, Ideal for modern offensive players who prefer the spin-oriented, elastic and varied game.
, For players who are not just looking for the maximum speed performance, but high spin, accurate ball placement and excellent feeling
nt. Pure fun!

  • Speed:118
  • Control: 96
  • Spin: 128
  • Suitability: Attacking
  • Covering type: pimples inside
  • Sponge Hardness: Medium

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