Table Tennis Bat: Gewo Hybrid Carbon X/Speed Blade + with 2 sheets of Neoflexx 48+ Rubbers

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Table Tennis Bat: Gewo Hybrid Carbon X/Speed Blade + with 2 sheets of Neoflexx 48+ Rubbers

Classical Blade & Rubber Combination from Gewo

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Table Tennis Blade: Gewo Hybrid Carbon X/Speed Blade  FL, AN, ST

The Hybrid Carbon X/Speed provides unbelievable directional stability particularly in high-speed rallies. The unique composite structure of the blade and expanded sweet spot not only enables fast and direct play but also high spin generation. Perfect for attacking players who focus on consistent and penetrating loops and topspin’s.
• Speed 97
• Control 70
• Weight (gramms) 80
• Ply 5+2
• Material CARBON

Table Tennis Rubber Neoflexx eFT 48

. More feel, a good ball contact time and high spin values characterize the tensor GEWO Neoflexx eFT 48.: A coating was developed in the latest DGC40 + surface technology, which offers significantly more grip of the ball for more spin due to the friction-intensive surface structure .The newly developed, NEAS sponge ensures sufficient speed in all offensive strokes – developed and extensively tested by the Korean exceptional player Yoo Nam Kyu.
• Player Type / Features:
. For dynamic, spin-offensive players who focus on spin-off topspin play but still need the necessary level of security in the short-short game above the table or passive play. The GEWO Neoflexx eFT 48 provides a new dimension of enthusiasm.
Suitable for players of all classes.. The surface was specially developed and refined for the new requirements of the plastic ball.

  • Speed: 98
  • Control: 94
  • Spin: 112
  • Fitness: Offensive
  • Type: fitted Pimples inside
  • Hardness Hard

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