Table Tennis Bat: Gewo Power Control Blade + with 2 sheets of Neoflexx 45+ Rubbers

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Table Tennis Bat: Gewo Power Control Blade + with 2 sheets of Neoflexx 45+ Rubbers

Classical Blade & Rubber Combination from Gewo

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Table Tennis Blade: Gewo Power Control Blade  FL, AN, ST

New design and improved playing characteristics.
This blade offers outstanding control properties at an amazing speed!
The new Power Control combines the power of an offensive blade with the incredible feel of an all-round blade.
For offensively oriented all-round players who value precision.
It combines the advantages of lightness, great feel, control and speed
to put the opponent under pressure in a variety of ways without losing control of the ball placement. Recommended for all players who play from half distance and also for the varied spin game close to the table.
This blade is also ideally suited for the classic counter-block player due to its great direct feeling
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  • Speed: 86
  • Control: 89
  • Fitness: Offensive-
  • Weight (g): 80
  • Veneers: 5

Table Tennis Rubber: Neoflexx 45

The handy, already very successful, transparent DGC405+ surface and the newly developed NEAS sponge characterize this economic tensor coating. The GEWO Neoflexx eFT 45 is equipped with a very grippy medium-hard DGC45 + outer rubber, giving sufficient support for the modern table tennis game (high flight curve / and extensive spin variations) The eco-Boost provides in the overall package a perfect spin / speed ratio, high versatility and guaranteed a high level of basic security and consistently consistent playing characteristics.
Player Type, Perfectly tuned for players of all classes who want to be successful with an offensive-oriented allround game! The new surface structure prevents the (poly) ball from “slipping” and energy losses when leaving the blade. The surface was specially developed and refined for the new requirements of the plastic ball.

  • Speed: 96
  • Control: 97
  • Spin: 110
  • Fitness: Offensive-
  • Type: fitted Pimples inside
  • Hardness medium

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