Table Tennis Blade: Der Materialista Wizard Fire

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Table Tennis Blade: Der Materialista Wizard Fire

Speed:   99

Control : 90

Characteristics : Allround / Offensive

Weight : 65

Layers : 5


Table Tennis Blade:Table  Der Materialista Wizard Fire

Our combination-blade WIZARD has become a bestseller due to its unique properties and its stellar manufacturing technology.

The WIZARD FIRE is a TOP addition to the WIZARD and is designed for combi-blade players that need more catapult-effect and penetrating power on their forehand in order to achieve quick points through hard smashes and strong loops.

The backhand side of WIZARD FIRE is just a tad faster than the original WIZARD blade and offers the established enormously high control properties combined with a lower trajectory.

WIZARD FIRE: The warlock on fire!

Characteristics: Allround / Offensive
Veneers: 5
Bladeweight: 65
Speed: 99
Control: 90


Handle types:


Everyone holds his racket in a different way:


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Flared, Anatomical, Straight, Pen, Master


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