Table Tennis Blade: GEWO Blade Scepter PKC

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Royal Feeling

The GEWO Scepter PKC (Power Kev-Carbon) is the first time in the use of synthetic fibers at GEWO a new, harder premium carbon material was used, which promises a more stable ball bounce with balanced hardness and a longer dwell time. The synthetic fiber was placed directly under the 0.8 mm thick Limba outer veneers. This allows for particularly effective topspin and counter topspin strokes without losing the necessary control for touch play over the table and neglecting passive play.

The GEWO Scepter PKC offers a clear, not too hard ball impact and a very good spin support from all positions. So feeling and power in perfect symbiosis with the best possible energy transfer. For high-performance players who want to play a fast and sensitive synthetic fiber blade to meet all the requirements of modern high-speed table tennis.


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