Table Tennis Blade: Gewo Wood Alvaro Robles OFF

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Table Tennis Blade: Gewo Wood Alvaro Robles OFF

Speed: 96
Control: 90
Characteristics: Offensiv
Weight (g): 90
Layers: 7
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Table Tennis Blade: Gewo Wood Alvaro Robles OFF

When asked about GEWO Alvarao Robles, the Spanish world class player said: “This blade is perfectly adjusted to my aggressive playing style but leaves nothing to be desired as regards feel. With this blade, I can no longer put the blame on the bat.” This 7-ply veneer design without carbon (Limba / Samba) provides for great feel from the very beginning without any compromises as regards speed. This is the crucial point for many players: Can I rely on my material in difficult situations? According to Alvaro You Can!
The top features of GEWO Alvaro Robles OFF are the second-to-none feel and the consistent bouncing characteristics. Great speed, excellent balance and top control, with this blade you can virtually guide the ball even in the most critical situations: The greatest challenge for our material developers was to find the ideal combination of these features. Partnering with top producers worldwide, GEWO met this challenge perfectly. Joint passion. The result is a fully balanced OFF blade, made from carefully selected, specially tested wood plies.



Everyone holds his racket in a different way:

This is not about shakehand or penhold grip but about the different way you can hold the bat. Both grips have numerous varieties which influence the feeling of the ball and have advantages and disadvantages depending on the strokes you play.


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