Table Tennis Blade: Stiga Carbonado Golden 45 – 80th Anniversary (FLARED ONLY)

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Table Tennis Blade: Stiga Carbonado Golden 45 -80th Anniversary

  • Specially designed blade to celebrate STIGA’s 80th anniversary – limited edition!
  • Offensive table-tennis blade with 5 layers of wood and 2 carbon-fibre layers in a 45-degree angle.
  • The 45° angle makes the blade stiffer and faster without sacrificing flexibility.
  • High trajectory – perfect for players who want high speed and stability combined with excellent control.
  • 64 g carbon fibre per m2 and a more slender TeXtreme® carbon fibre for increased wood-like feel in play.
  • Weight: 90 g +/-5 g. The product is specified for this weight and is not weighed separately for individual orders.
  • Delivered in exclusive leather packaging.

Golden 45 – unique, limited-edition anniversary blade!

For 80 years, STIGA has produced blades of the highest quality, and we remain at the forefront when it comes to development of new table-tennis products. To celebrate our 80th, we’re releasing the unique Golden 45: a blade that offers a high trajectory and is ideal for offensive players looking for speed, stability, and control.

The Golden 45 is made from 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of TeXtreme® carbon fibre. The 45° angle of the fibre makes the blade stiffer and faster without sacrificing flexibility. With 64 g carbon fibre per m2, you get increased speed while maintaining control and the feeling of wood-blade play.

Golden 45 is supplied in exclusive leather packaging and is available only in a limited edition.


Blade type OFF+
Layers 5+2
Blades Feeling hard


Handle types:


Everyone holds his racket in a different way:

This is not about shakehand or penhold grip but about the different way you can hold the bat. Both grips have numerous varieties which influence the feeling of the ball and have advantages and disadvantages depending on the strokes you play.


STIGA is a global company with partners in over 100 countries and has been a world leader in the sport of table tennis for over 70 years.

STIGA works with the finest raw materials, maintaining the highest standard of quality, and continuously is investing in research and development of new blades and new manufacturing technologies.  When you buy Stiga you can be assured you are buying quality.

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