Table Tennis Blade: Xiom wood 36.5 ALX

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Table Tennis Blade: Xiom Wood 36.5 ALX

85g. Made in Japan

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Table Tennis Blade: Xiom wood 36.5 ALX

Excellent performance through the ?? COLD PRESS ?? Manufacturing process and the worldwide unique AXYLIUM CARBON fiber.

The combination of external Arylate Carbon layers are the most common in the world. Therefore, XIOM wanted its first “true”  Manufacture Outer Arylate-Carbon wood. After a lot of tests and research, the XIOM development team released two world novelties: AXYLIUM and COLD PRESS.

AXYLIUM is a newly found Arylate fiber, which offers high stability, a clear feel, little vibration and enormous penetration. The unique
orange color stands for the fresh and clear feel of the game.
36.5 combines the axylium carbon on the outside with Koto outer veneers, which makes the blade ideal for fast play close to the table.

The new “COLD PRESS” technology offers a more sensitive outer veneer with a crisp feel at the same time. In contrast to normal wood production processes, where a high drying temperature is used, the 36.5 wood uses a low drying temperature for the first time. This makes the wood more forgiving and easier to play, but it retains its high speed.

The low weight of 85 grams also offers excellent handling.


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