Table Tennis Footwear: Gewo Shoe Speed Flex One – Red (Sz6-13)


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Table Tennis Footwear: Gewo Shoe Speed Flex One – Red

ATTENTION! This shoe is about one size bigger!

Speed is what you need!

The new GEWO Speed ​​Flex One is flat, light and fast.

It offers everything you need in today’s table tennis.

The 2-ZONE-PROFILE natural rubber sole gives the grip for fast moves:
Zone 1 supports the sideways movement of all steps with the horizontally arranged GRIP-DOTS.
Zone 2 supports the turning movements and quick changes of direction over the balls of the feet.

The grip is maintained for a long time thanks to the highest quality of the HQ Abrasion Resistant Rubber Material.
The sole is 100% NON-MARKING and still impresses with powerful colors.

The heart of the GEWO Speed ​​Flex One is the flat midsole made of HIGH-DENSITY-PHYLON material.
The material is able to absorb the impact energy of the footwork.
The CLAWFINGER construction in the midfoot area supports the foot both inside and outside.
The GEWO Speed ​​Flex One offers a lateral support that you simply do not expect with its low weight!

A particularly high-quality construction is the HONEY-COMB-EVA sports insole, which offers the best comfort in the shoe.
Each individual pore is shaped like the honeycomb honeycomb and supports ventilation in the shoe.
The catapult effect of the material increases the acceleration of your steps.

The joy of playing begins at the foot!
With its design mix of bright colors and the best materials, the GEWO Speed ​​Flex One makes a statement on the court.
The finely structured surface made of HIGH PEEL PU is extremely light and keeps its shape.
It carries the breathable HIGH-ELASTIC-DENSITY-MESH fabric, which wraps the foot nicely.
The padding on the heel and tongue offer a level of comfort that
you have never known from a thoroughbred competition shoe .

GEWO Speed ​​Flex One:

  • Get the speed under your feet.
  • Sole (non marking)
  • HIGH-PEEL-PU is extremely light and keeps its shape
  • CLAWFINGER construction in the midfoot area
  • HONEY-COMB-EVA sports insole

The Limited Edition for unlimited playing pleasure.

SIZES AVAILABLE 34-46 (5-11)




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