Table Tennis Rubber: Der Materialista Sabotage OFF


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der materialspezialist Rubber Sabotage OFF

der materialspezialist SABOTAGE is based on a normal pimple inner lining, but due to its newly developed rubber compound and a worldwide unique manufacturing process, has little to no surface friction.

We offer the SABOTAGE in two different versions:

The defensive-oriented version with the proven classic damping sponge allows a safe, control-optimized game at the table and from a distance, even with thin sponge thicknesses. The classic pressure push as well as the spin-charged block balls, as well as unpleasant interspersed side wipes bring the safe point win. The control values are extremely high due to the new, very thin pimple structure of the upper rubber. The new, innovative green high-tech sponge of the allround/offensive version of the SABOTAGE rubber, on the other hand, is perfect for all players who tend to practice an offensively oriented disruptive game with unpleasant pseudo-topsins, aggressive side wipers or classic shot. Here, the cut forwarding in the blocking game, due to the increased hardness of the sponge is much more pronounced