Table Tennis Rubber: Donic Slice 40 CS

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DONIC SLICE 40 CS – Here comes the saw

The DONIC SLICE 40 CS is the latest rubber development for modern defensive play: A sticky top rubber, like in the successful DONIC Bluegrip series is combined with a catapult-friendly tension sponge, like the DONIC Acuda has.

This creates a hybrid rubber that allows for an extremely high degree of rotation: when pushing, when defending against cuts, but of course also for topspin. The DONIC SLICE 40 CS offers enough dynamics to give attacks the necessary penetrating power, but it is explicitly designed for defensive players. This is also evident from the fact that it is only available in 1.3 mm and 1.5 mm rubber thicknesses. If you want to create extreme undercut in the defense, then get the SLICE 40 CS and unpack the saw.

  • Technology: Hybrid rubber, medium hard tension sponge, sticky top rubber
  • Character: Extremely grippy, extremely high rotation on defensive and offensive strokes
  • Recommendation: Designed for the modern defensive game