Table Tennis Rubber: Tibhar Hybrid K1 European

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Table Tennis Rubber: Tibhar Hybrid K1 European

  • Spin 117
  • Speed 98
  • Control 76
  • Tacky No
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Hybrid K1 is a rubber “Made in Germany” developed to meet the requirements of players who prefer a Chinese tacky style surface but need the power and feel associated with German high quality sponges.

Designed for advanced through to professional players only.

The extremely grabby, almost sticky rubber surface offers great elasticity and flexibility, and compared to classic Chinese rubbers produces magnified acceleration and speed.

Perfect for the 40+ ball, the 50° hard, coarse-pored sponge, with it’s excellent catapult capabilities, reinforces the high acceleration.

Hybrid K1 features new UHR (Ultra High Rotation) technology which produces extremely high spin thanks to the rubbers adhering surface.

As a result more rotation is possible in your game in all situations, be it serve, chop, topspin or power loop.

This innovative combination of catapult and extreme rotation opens up new possibilities for loop and topspin players from half distance, and particularly helps in counter loop rallies.

Spin 117
Speed 98
Control 76

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