Table Tennis Table: Sponeta Competition Compact 25 Indoor S7-22i – GREEN


Table Tennis Table: Sponeta Competition Compact 25 Indoor S7-22i – GREEN

Please allow for 7-10 days for delivery of this table

  • Sponeta Profiline Indoor, not weatherproof
  • Only suitable for dry rooms within buildings
  • Colour: Green
  • able Top: chipboard 25mm coated
  • Frame profile:  A 50x20mm
  • Ready assembled standard undercarriage with rectangular tube profile 60x40mm, plastic coated
  • European standard: EN-Norm 14468-1
  • Available in blue or green
  • Complete with quality steel net and post set
  • Weight: 105Kg

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Table Tennis Table: Sponeta Competition  Compact 25 Indoor S7-22i – GREEN

Please allow for 7-10 days for delivery of this table

Model specification

  • Sponeta Profiline Indoor
  • Hall table, not weatherproof
  • only suitable for dry rooms within a building
  • not resistant to heat, cold, direct sunlight and humidity (relative humidity above 60%)
  • European standard: EN standard 14468-1
  • For national and international tournaments.
  • In the playback position also suitable for individual training . (does not apply to the model “SPONETA standard compact”)

Playing surface / frame profile

  • Fine chipboard 25 mm
  • Color green
  • coated several times
  • Frame profile A-60 mm, powder-coated


  • Standard (type 2)
  • Rectangular profile tube 60 x 40 mm, powder-coated
  • 2 wheels (diameter 128 mm) with rubber tread per table half for vertical transport
  • space-saving parking possible
  • TT table is factory pre-assembled (except wheels)
  • increased stability of the game surface through panel connectors


  • Snap closure system for fixing the legs in the parking and play position


  • Playing position: L = 274 cm x W = 152.5 cm x H = 76 cm (corresponds to international tournament size)
  • Storage position: L = 152.5 cm x W = 16.5 cm x H = 142 cm


  • Game Surface Quality: Tournament
  • Frame profile color: black (RAL 9011)
  • Base frame color: gray aluminum (RAL 9007)
  • Addition: including installation instructions with language booklet
  • Accessories: without


  • Gross weight: 114 kg
  • Net weight: 103 kg

Net Set Included

Type B – double carton for stationary transport


  • 2 pieces of sturdy cardboard boxes for a ping-pong table
  • Transport feet 2.5 cm (H1)
  • 3 PE bands
  • Identification of the box with product description, article number and GTIN code
  • H = 162 x L = 144 x W = 20 cm or 22 cm (depending on model variant)

Assembly instructions:  table tennis table

Assembling video




Based in Schlotheim, Germany, Sponeta are Europe’s largest table manufacturer having manufactured table-tennis products for more than 60 years for famous brands such as Butterfly, Stiga, Adidas, Andro, TSP amongst many  others. For this reason Sponeta is widely regarded to be one of the best known manufacturers of table tennis tables worldwide.

Table tennis tables made by Sponeta are delivered to over 90 countries. The tables are  available in eight different levels of specification, appropriate  for  both the leisure and competition markets.

All products leaving the  Sponeta manufacturing site are designed to the highest quality requirements and manufactured in accordance to European  legal standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2008