GEWO Ball Box

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GEWO Ball Box – The practical solution for every training session!

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GEWO Ball Box – The practical solution for every training session!

The GEWO ball basket is a robust grid construction that offers space for at least 120 balls. This ball basket is specially designed to allow convenient attachment to the table. It is ideal for ball bucket training and offers coaches an efficient way to organise their table tennis training. The stability and durability of the grid construction ensure that the basket remains firmly attached to the table during training, ensuring a smooth and continuous ball feed for drills and stroke sequences. This ball basket offers a practical solution for keeping the training area tidy while having a large quantity of balls available for training..

With its generous capacity, this ball basket is ideal for coaches who want to organise their training sessions effectively and for players who want to improve their training experience by having a larger quantity of balls to hand. The easy attachment to the table makes it a practical and indispensable accessory for any table tennis enthusiast who values structured and efficient training.


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