Table Tennis Rubber: Hallmark Phoenix

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Friction long pimple for players who stay close to the table and block topspin.

Super Anti sponge enable players to block with high control.

Spin serves can be easily returned and pushed float balls attacked.

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Table Tennis Rubber: Hallmark Phoenix

This new long pimple has friction and is designed for players who like to stay close to the table and block against topspin. The special rubber formulation and geometry combined with the Hallmark super anti sponge will enable players to block topspin with a high level of control. Returns are low over the net with some spin reversal obtained. Spin serves can be returned with ease and push and float balls can be attacked aggressively without problem with some spin generated from the rubber.

Available in red or black OX, 1.0mm or 2.0mm. Speed 75 Spin 45 Control 96 Disruption 96


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