Pepper Pig Pictureka

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  • FUN BOARD GAME FOR KIDS: Get together with family and friends for loads of fun playing this adorable game. It’s seek and find fun with Peppa Pig
  • PICTURE GAME: Kids playing the Pictureka! Junior Peppa Pig game must find things fast and find them first! If they find the object(s), they keep the card. The player with the most cards wins
  • FEATURES 4 GAME TILES: Tiles feature whimsical pictures of the world of Peppa Pig. Players spin then race to spot the pictures directed on their mission card before time is up
  • GAME FOR 2 OR MORE PLAYERS: This preschool game is for 2 or more players, so kids can play with one other person or multiple friends and family members
  • BOARD GAME FOR 4 YEAR OLDS AND UP: Kids 4 years and older can have a blast with this frantic frenzy to find the picture and be the first one to shout “Pictureka”


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