Stiga Aviox Carbon Nomex Pro Gold Pickleball Paddle

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A well-balanced pickleball paddle that provides power and speed

The Aviox Carbon Nomex Pro pickleball paddle is not only a beautifully designed, midweight paddle in gold and silver, it also provides plenty of power and speed! The Nomex Honeycomb core is both hard and light, giving you a lot of power with every stroke – perfect for hard smashes and drives. The large, generous sweetspot allows you to take full advantage of the paddle and control pop-ups. Thanks to the carbon fiber surface (3K carbon fiber filaments), the paddle provides speed and stability, so you can play out the entire game. The surface has also undergone treatment using Diamond Touch technology to increase rigidity and durability.

The paddle’s offensive diamond shape offers several advantages during volley play close to the net, with extra reach and the possibility of faster moves. STIGA Edge Guard protects the paddle from damage, while the comfortable handle provides a good grip. Since Aviox Carbon Nomex Pro is USAPA approved, the paddle is suitable for competition level.


Top Features:


  • A well-balanced, midweight pickleball paddle with substantial power and the unique STIGA design.
  • The paddle’s lightweight carbon fiber surface (3K carbon fiber filaments) provides both speed and stability.
  • The Nomex Honeycomb core is ideal for smashes and drives.
  • Its unique diamond shape provides benefits when playing closer to the net, with more reach.
  • USAPA approved for competition level.
  • Designed and developed in Sweden.
  • Weight: 220 g.


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