Table Tennis Blade: Donier Defensive Blade


Table Tennis Blade: Donier Offensive Blade

STATISTICS                                                                                                                                                            Speed 8.5
Control 8
Stiffness 3.0 Some flex
Weight 85
Plies 5

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Table Tennis Blade: Donier Defensive Blade

Classical defensive blade with excellent control. Great value for money.

The best blade for players who choose a defensive style to win. The head is slightly larger to increase the sweet spot and feel.  A 6mm blade of soft woods Abachi and Limba plies absorbs the ball impact.  The control of this energy and transmission of feel through the hollow handle gives the player a good feel for the ball.  The blade is very flexible that attacking with full stroke close to the table creates a speed like an OFF blade.

STATISTICS                                                                                                                                                             Speed 8.5
Control 8
Stiffness Flex
Weight 75
Plies 5

About Donier:

Donier International are leading manufacturers from Eastern Europe.  Many famous brands in the table tennis world order from their factory and place their confidence in their quality, technology and design.

All Donier blades are manufactured with hollow handles.  This feature beyond all doubt improves the playing characteristics and increases the feel of the ball on the blade.  Their research and development team have worked on these professional blades with a wide range and blend of exotic woods such as Limba, Acajou, Abachi, Koto and Balsa together with Carbon.

All the blades are manufactured in a state of the art factory where each blade is individually inspected therefore ensuring the utmost quality in the finished products.

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