Table Tennis Blade: STIGA Blade Cybershape Clipperwood (Flared Only)

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Characteristics: OF
Veneers: 7
Bladeweight: 90
Speed: 97
Control: 85

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Cybershape Clipper – a blade with a good balance between speed and control

  • Bigger sweet spot higher up on the blade to provide more powerful shots without sacrificing control.
  • Offensive table-tennis blade with 7 layers of exclusive wood and the unique Cybershape design.
  • Recognized for its speed and used by many top players.
  • Fast blade with the unmistakable STIGA feel and a larger, optimal hitting surface.
  • Ideal for experienced players looking for extra “Touch” in every shot.
  • Exclusive lenses in stainless steel.

Ever since its release back in 1981, the Clipper Wood blade has been enormously popular among top players owing to its speed. The Clipper Wood was developed in close cooperation with the Chinese national team and was designed for players who want extra power in their shots. This offensive classic, with 7 layers of exclusive wood and the legendary STIGA feel, is now available in a new version with the unique Cybershape design.

With Clipper Cybershape, you’ll have not only a speed blade and renowned playing characteristics; you also get the popular Cybershape design with a larger, optimal hitting surface and a centre of gravity that’s higher on the blade. The higher sweet spot means that you can achieve more stable impact and more powerful shots without sacrificing control – offering advantages that can’t be found in a traditional blades.

Clipper Cybershape is excellent for players looking for a blade that offers more power in every shot.

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