Table Tennis Rubber: Andro Rasanter R53 Rubber


Table Tennis Rubber: Andro Rasanter R53 Rubber

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Table Tennis Rubber: Andro Rasanter R53 Rubber

Your game is powered by maximum spin and high dynamics. You want the point. By all means.

Break with conventions, use the strengths of the andro ENERGY CELL technology: more power with hard topspins and game openings on backspin, high dynamics and longer ball contact time to be felt.

The andro ENERGY CELL sponge with highly elastic cell structure ensures an extremely dynamic energy transfer, especially for fast and hard topspins.
The 53° sponge provides immediate feedback on ideal ball contact. You will be surprised how soft 53° can feel like.

The R rubber surface for maximum rotation gains additively more impact through the ENERGY CELL sponge.

The new top rubber in the RASANTER family does not just differ in its sponge hardness. With R53, andro opens a new chapter in rubber technology. The R53 is the first rubber with the newly developed andro ENERGY CELL sponge that charges every topspin with outstanding dynamics. In the unforgotten World Cup match between GAUZY and XU XIN, the new sponge caused a stir for the first time. Now the R53 is ready for mass production as a complete system solution with a new rubber surface – now available for all those who are confident to handle this rubber.
The new R53, without a doubt, the keenest andro rubber of all time.

From natural rubber to high-tech sponge.
– Development of the new andro ENERGY CELL sponge –
A unique development: The natural rubber is blended with the ENERGY CELL additives and activated in a special “baking process”, so that the andro-specific ENERGY CELL pore structure is formed. The result: with comparable pore size results in cell walls with a higher modulus of elasticity, that is, with more resilience, which are crucial for the energy impulse.


Compared to harder sponges, the andro ENERGY CELL sponge reacts more “intelligently”
Hard or soft sponges – so far a question of playing style and habit. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, e.g. better performance on soft shots or on topspin vs. underspin. Until now, players knew that their rubbers supported either one way or the other – combining both was considered out of the question.

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