Table Tennis Rubber: Dynaryz ZGR

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Table Tennis Rubber: Joola Dynaryz ZGR

  • Control 73
  • Speed 104
  • Spin 120
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Table Tennis Rubber: Joola Dynaryz ZGR


At last! Designed for high level players, Dynaryz ZGR is the ground breaking and long-awaited fusion between a tacky and extremely grippy surface structure, and a spring loaded powerful sponge.

A rubber of the very highest quality, the grippy surface features Hyper Traction technology and gives Chinese spin with a more European touch, allowing you to increase ball rotation with precision and little effort. When merged with the Hyper Bounce sponge you have the power of German rubbers and an expanded range of gears permitting huge spin variations with high speed shots.

Combining the very best elements of table tennis rubber production, this exceptional rubber is a unique merging of Hyper Traction Surface and Hyper Bounce Sponge, giving players an expanded range of playing gears, and the ability to reach new thresholds of spin production and dynamic power. The rubber table tennis players have always desired is finally here, raise your game with the Dynaryz ZGR!

Dynaryz ZGR the new choice for many of JOOLAs top professional players. Join the TT revolution and with the grippy Asian top sheet  and the dynamic European sponge you can combine the best of two worlds.

Control 73
Speed 104
Spin 120



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