Table Tennis Rubber: Gewo Codexx Pro 55 Super Select

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Table Tennis Rubber: Gewo Codexx Pro 55 Super Select

Rubber Category: Pimples In
Characteristics: OF++
sponge hardness: Hard +
Speed: 143
Control: 75
Spin: 129
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For uncompromising powerplay

The hardest sponge in the GEWO rubber range so far was com¬bined with a tacky-elastic top sheet to develop an ultimate power package with unbelievable attacking strength. Thanks to the successful combination of the advantages of the Codexx and SuperSelect rubber designs, uncompromising attackers will be able to produce flat, spin-loaded, difficult-to-block topspins with dangerous bouncing characteristics on the opponent’s side. With the sophisticated top-sheet / sponge gluing technique used in the production of this rubber, GEWO Codexx Pro 55 SuperSelect is still controllable and elastic enough for powerful, close-to-the-table power attacking with more than enough counter-spin variability.


  • Maximum hardness and speed for uncompromising power-play
  • Hard and precise strokes and vicious spin for players favoring very hard and fast rubbers with slightly tacky top sheet
  • A perfect combination of European and hard Asian rubber designs


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