Table Tennis Rubber: Sauer and Troger Monkey Special

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Rubber Category: Long Pimples
Characteristics: DEF+
Speed: 40
Control: 100
Spin: 110


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Crazy, Crazier, Monkey.

Crazy, Crazier, Monkey. A primordial (forest) force! With the Monkey, a monkey-horny longnose of the next generation appears. Playful ease, impressive dominance and a touch of playfulness meet iconic design.


  • Pimple Structure: The pimples of the long pimple rubber Monkey have a high aspect ratio and are quite far apart. This guarantees the greatest possible space for the pimple heads to buckle. The pimple necks are quite smooth, the heads slightly roughened.
  • Burl width: The nap heads are quite wide. In combination with the roughened pimple heads, they provide great rotational development. If you hit the ball well, the opponent will have big problems.
  • Pimple hardness Under light pressure, the pimple heads give a medium-hard appearance. However, at higher pressure, they give way and cause a soft and gentle feel. This ensures that the pimple plays in a controlled manner and that, nevertheless, balls that are difficult for the opponent to calculate can be played on offensive strokes.
  • Sponge: The sponge of the sponge version is a new type of dampening sponge, but it does not play too “dead”. Definitely worth a try.


Anyone who delves a little into the background of the “Monkey” will notice: Definitely the coolest of all table tennis rubbers. Coupled with outstanding playing characteristics a popular weapon at the table.

This rubber has the same surface as the Monkey. By mounting the slightly dampening special adhesive foil with a slight bias, you achieve a higher disruptive effect, as well as like a flatter trajectory when returning, if you as a player stand badly to the ball..

It also offers the following advantages:


  • easier mounting thanks to the special adhesive foil
  • even slower speed


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