Table Tennis Rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-P

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Table Tennis Rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-P 

  • Spin 120
  • Speed 125
  • Control 80
  • Tacky No
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Table Tennis Rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-P 


The most dynamic and fastest version of the Evolution family, due to the pimple geometry the rubber is more flexible, giving greater energy to attacking balls. The RED POWER sponge is a hard 46–48°, and makes no concession in terms of speed or spin. The ball contact time is extended by the PRO-TENSION rubber giving excellent sensation and is chosen by powerful loop layers.

Paul Drinkhall said “For speed MX-P has to be king but for spin it is also excellent. It’s very fast, and suits the attacking player who likes to take the ball early at the table or from mid distance and play hard, attacking shots with a huge amount of spin. The rubber is not so quick that it lacks any feeling or control – the balance is excellent”.

To sum up – If you like to topspin the ball strongly from both wings, open up from a backspin push or chop ball with heavy topspin, attack on the third or fifth ball aggressively, loop with heavy spin and speed from mid distance or block quickly but with control, then MX-P is the perfect choice.

  • Spin 117
  • Speed 116
  • Control 70
  • Tacky No


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