Table Tennis Rubber: 729 RITC 2000

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Table Tennis Rubber: 729 RITC 2000

Tacky harder sponge, gives more power.

Good spin and control.

One of the fastest Chinese rubbers.

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Table Tennis Rubber: 729 RITC 2000

729 2000 is a very popular top Rubber, it has well rounded attacking characteristics that enables players to bring out the strong points of their game, while maintaining control. Combined with either 1.5mm sponge for allround and 2.0mm sponge for attacking play this rubber sheet is a good choice.

– 729 Friendship rubber: RITC 2000 Tackspeed
– Very popular top table tennis rubber in China
– Slightly harder sponge for more power to your shots

Speed: 9.0
Spin: 10
Control: 9.5


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