Table Tennis Rubber: Dynaryz ACC

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Table Tennis Rubber: Joola Dynaryz ACC

  • Control 71
  • Spin 119
  • Speed 109
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Table Tennis Rubber: Joola Dynaryz ACC

Designed for serious players who want all of the benefits of a top rubber that brings more spin and speed into your game without losing control!

Available in Black, Red and the new Purple/Violet colour!

JOOLA DYNARYZ ACC features the Hyper bounce signature purple sponge in a mid hard 47 degree and paired with Advance Traction Surface Technology rubber resulting in spin-friendly, dynamic, and precise performance.

Definitely the choice for aspiring players aiming for the professional level. ACC is more forgiving, easier to control with a slightly higher trajectory than AGR which requires specific technical skills.

Looping feels easy, blocking controlled and smashes can be put away with great power. ACC is the “rubber for everyone” who demand rubbers with good dynamics but an emphasis on precision and touch.

Control 71
Spin 119
Speed 109


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