Table Tennis Rubber: Dynaryz AGR

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Table Tennis Rubber: Joola Dynaryz AGR

  • Control 67
  • Speed 119
  • Spin 119
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Table Tennis Rubber: Joola Dynaryz AGR

JOOLA DYNARYZ AGR is used by professionals at the pinnacle of their sport – if you want aggression, precision, high speed and amazing spin characteristics DYNARYZ AGR is the rubber for you!

Available in Black, Red and the new Purple/Violet colour!

The new signature purple 50 degree Hyper bounce sponge provides spectacular catapult effect whilst the Advanced Traction Surface Technology provides increased dwell time resulting in fabulous spin characteristics.

The JOOLA ‘Pro’s’ have been amazed at the advancement and been delighted at the directness, hard touch and increased spin and speed potential!

JOOLA Dynaryz ACC and AGR are extremely fast and spinny rubbers. They are brilliant for topspin play. It feels effortless to generate topspin and it is very noticeable that my shots had more speed and spin!

Control 67
Speed 119
Spin 119



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